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Can Remote Working be Effective

We are constantly adapting at Pi Flow
Can Remote Working be Effective

Technology.  New technology; and therefore, new ways of doing business.  We are constantly adapting to rapidly changing business needs, and with the right technology, companies can run totally remotely.

Take us for example, Pi Flow. We started with a team of only 2 accountants, and less than a handful of clients.  We needed an office setup; and needed day-to-day interaction to launch the startup and gradually grow the business.  Today, we have adapted and embraced technology.  We have a team of over 50 employees across the globe; and have adopted new platforms and technology to allow us to maintain and grow our business, without the need of all of us being present at the office HQ.

As the corona pandemic intensified, companies needed to quickly adapt & implement technology to ease the burden during lockdown.  Remote employees have the need to remain engaged and connected in order to continue working productively.  Technology has been leveraged to introduce gamified corporate culture, continuous learning (through accredited online courses), online meetings, virtual check-ins, as well as digital team building activities.

In short, a dynamic corporate world has evolved with the embrace of technology.  We are shifting from the importance of office presence; and allowing employees to breathe and work from the comfort of their own home, or a coffee shop.  Does it spark the creative? Does it allow for a mom to raise her kids whilst giving the job her all?

We certainly think so, and this is the new beginning to an era.  Every passing day , technology is advancing:  Businesses are constantly changing; and these combined factors will not only help in growing businesses but will open a whole new path to new opportunities , and will also create a positive  impact on the  global economy.